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“Leadership from the heart.” It’s not just another empty campaign slogan from a typical candidate. Wally Nishimura means it.

Born on Oahu and raised on Kauai, Wally is deeply immersed in the local culture and the local issues. He knows what it means to struggle to support a family in a place that has been ranked “Hardest State to Make a Living.” Supporting his wife and four daughters has meant working multiple jobs at a time. And despite this he somehow managed to find the time to earn a degree in business from an accredited online university. Wally knows about time management! And he’s not complaining.

Those that know Wally, know that he carries himself with respect and professionalism and that approach to life has not gone unnoticed by employers. Wally has won awards for his service and his professionalism, a testament to his dedication and work ethic. While he fulfills his commitments in his regional position with Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, Wally finds the time to stay current on the issues. Attending County Council meetings, business, and community events, Wally stays in touch with the community he intends to serve.

Wally understands that success is a product of time, focus, hard work, and accountability. It’s these traits that are so often missing in government. Vote for Wally and see what real kuleana can do for our island.